Advanced Social Media Certification Course and Placement


Learn social media marketing best planning and execution with online and offline course from A to Z Academy. Also, get in-hand project training and India Government recognized certificate.

Become an expert in social media, brand awareness, content creation, influencer marketing, and more. Get a high-paying job and succeed in your career. Also, training ensures that a business develops well.

Our proficiency teachers teach successful social media marketing techniques. Moreover, it is in line with the real-world demand for digital marketing and e-commerce methods.

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Social Media Marketing Specialization Training Benefits

This social media marketing training course will help you design your job career and your business. It teaches to build brand loyalty and attract new customers and partners. Plus, the training includes the social media marketing certification you’ll need.

Creating an effective social media strategy will amplify any inbound marketing efforts. Our social media marketing course gives you ideas to build brand awareness, make word of mouth, and attract buyers.

SMM Course Content, Outline, and Details

A to Z Academy’s SMM Specialization includes practical projects. You must successfully evaluate all the assignments to complete the course and earn your certificate.

In our social media marketing training course, you will get 16 live classes (24 Hours). Overall the duration of the training is two months.

Here we will teach you the proven strategies of SMM through Skype or video calling. You will also get ebooks and video tutorials here which can be accessed for a lifetime.

Social Media Marketing Training Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to SMM
  2. About Social Media Platforms
  3. Build a Social Media Strategy
  4. Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  5. Facebook & Instagram Marketing
  6. Content Marketing for Social Media
  7. Video & YouTube Marketing
  8. Measuring Return on Investment
  9. SMM Monitoring & Reporting
  10. SMM Jobs & Interview

Social media marketing is one of the main areas of digital marketing. That’s why we designed the training as one way to acquire skills for this growing field. To become a certified social media marketer, get started today.


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