Digital Marketing Teacher in Kolkata

Enhance your career prospects with the help of our digital marketing teacher. In Kolkata, there are many best digital marketing trainer. But our internet marketing tutors trains the targeted internet marketing course. That’s why A to Z Academy delivers the most efficient digital marketer every year.

If you want to learn internet marketing well, you must need the help of a tutor of digital marketing. So now you have the opportunity to get in touch with a certified digital marketing teacher in Kolkata. Enroll in our institute and get trending internet marketing training from our tutors.

The Role of a Good Digital Marketing Teacher

The main backbone of any educational institution is its teachers. Also, the role of a teacher in a student’s life is meaningful. And most importantly is that the excellence of a teacher determines the academic and other success achieved by their students.

We all have some potentials. But to grow those possibilities and realize our own potential, we depend on our teacher for the most time. A teacher appreciates our talent and teaches us accordingly so that the best of us can come out.

That’s why our tutors teach new digital marketing techniques thoroughly. Therefore you will be a master of digital marketing in the future. Also, our digital marketing tutors will help you to take your career at a higher level.

Meet Our Digital Marketing Tutors

Update yourself with the latest trends in internet marketing with our professional teachers. Our digital marketing tutors are industry experts. They are actually working in the digital space. You can also check their profiles to see what the knowledge you will learn. You will be able to work successfully after gaining the skills from our tutors.

Hi! I am a Digital Marketing Teacher & an SEO Consultant. Contact me for any queries about Digital Marketing & SEO.

Ramen Das

Co-Founder, A to Z Academy

Subhankar Banerjee

Subhankar Banerjee


Shubhankar Banerjee’s amazing Web design fascinates us. He knows the value ​​and requirements of the present age.

At the same time, he shares the best web design skills with our students. Thanks to him.

Manika Saha Paul

Manika Saha Paul


Manika Saha Paul is a professional content writer and she produces unique content to engage web users.

She always trying to teach our students with the best content writing skill. We are proud of her.

Prashant Singh

Prashant Singh


As a modern web developer, Prashant Singh is now well known in Kolkata. He is a very good guy. We love working with him.

His teaching ability is very dynamic and students understand his approaches.

Sayantan Bhakta

Sayantan Bhakta


Sayantan is one of the top 10 web developers in India, including Kolkata. Various corporate companies always offer him a senior web development job.

Students can learn from him the right and trending web development.

Suraj Behera

Suraj Behera


He is a rising star of digital marketing executive and teacher. There is no room to question Suraj Behera’s qualifications.

At the core of his teaching, the students are enlightened and see their bright future.

Sanjoy Bairagi

Sanjoy Bairagi


A qualified and experienced SEO consultant can teach students proper digital marketing.

Sanjoy Bairagi is now a leading SEO tutor in West Bengal. Also, he is the co-founder of Leo Digital Academy.

What Makes us Different?

We execute the best knowledge for the benefit of our students. This is our clear role and responsibility within the digital marketing training.

We always try to put a unique approach in our teaching techniques and professional consulting.

A to Z Academy an advanced internet marketing training institute in Kolkata. We offering 100% placement assurance for job seekers.

Also, you will gain an ISO certified certificate after completion of your course. But you no need to pay the fees at a time. You can pay fees with 6 months of EMI.

Learn digital marketing course from an experienced tutor of digital marketing in Kolkata. Because many bloggers have referred us as a leading digital marketing institute.

To know about our digital marketing tutors’ teaching process contact us.

Courses offered with practical knowledge and job possibilities.
Trending course modules for current digital marketing era.
Discount on our every digital marketing course fees.
Experienced teaching faculties, 05 men and 01 women.
Possibility of getting a good-paying and reputable job.
Months EMI option to pay fees for every student.
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