What is digital marketing and how can you learn it comfortably in 2021? This post will help you find the fastest way to learn it and the best resources.

Fortunately, many free and paid online resources can help you build the skills you need to become a modern digital marketing professional.

But before we learn anything, we need to know what it is and how to learn.

What is Digital Marketing?

Basically, it’s a marketing element. The advertising of products or services using digital devices and internet channels is digital marketing. Namely – Search engines, social media platforms, mobile applications, etc. You can also call it internet marketing or online marketing.

With internet marketing, you can find the target audience and their interest in your brand. Contact them and nurture them until you become a customer.

The most important types of online marketing are – Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing.

How to Learn Internet Marketing?

To become a successful internet marketing specialist, you need to develop the skills required to work with all online marketing technics.

In addition, you need to acquire the necessary knowledge so that you can combine them to achieve the best possible outcome.

It’s hard work that requires a lot of patience and perseverance but the good news is that you don’t have to attend college or a classroom course to become a digital marketing expert.

There are various internet marketing training institutes in Kolkata and India where you can take training. You can also learn online marketing for free from Google, YouTube, SEMrush, and Moz at home.

To better understand digital marketing, you need to specialize in the following zones:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Internet Marketing Analysis Tools
Learn SEO

1. Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website so that it makes a higher position in search engine organic results.

SEO is important in online marketing because it can drive targeted traffic or audience to your website. This is a slower process than paid advertising but it can produce better results in the long run.

At the beginning of learning digital marketing, it is important to understand that SEO is not a static discipline but it is always changing. Google making more than 300 changes to its ranking algorithm each year.

This means that if you want to explore an SEO career, you need to follow up with the SEO prospect or changes and adjust your online marketing campaigns accordingly.

Learn Search Engine Marketing

2. Take in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Training

Search engine marketing is a necessary element of internet marketing.

SEM works for marketing on various search engines using paid search ads (Google ads or Bing ads).

With SEM you can reach your targeted audience faster than SEO. Because whenever someone clicks on your ads you pay per click (PPC).

Currently, the largest PPC network is Google Adwords. It lets you display your ads in Google search results (SERP), Google properties (YouTube), and on websites that participate in Google AdSense.

Learning PPC is an easy task, you can go through various online courses and become a PPC certified expert in a few months.

But just certification does not make you a good digital marketing expert. You need to work with PPC promotion planning and management. Only then can you gain the necessary practical experience.

In a word, your role as a digital marketing professional is to provide the best possible results for your clients.

Learn Content Marketing

3. Grasp the Key of Content Marketing

Each online marketing campaign is based on content. Whether it’s SEO, social media marketing, or email marketing, content is required to reach and attract your targeted users.

Content marketing is the method of identifying and promoting the right content for the right users.

To become a strong content marketer you need to know the vocabulary, copywriting skills, and analysis skills.

Not all digital marketing training institutes in India teach content marketing. However, there are many good training centers where you can learn the course online and offline comfortably.

Learn Social Media Marketing

4. Know the Value of Social Media Marketing (SMM)

I think everyone agrees that it’s hard to imagine this era without social media nowadays. Social media has dominated our life perspective and digital marketing.

Since the object of internet marketing is to connect your potential audience with the mediums of their choice. And here a new form of marketing was born and that is social media marketing.

The objective of SMM is to find your audience and build relationships with them through various social channels.

Facebook is the highest engaging social network with over 31 crore active users.

To start learning social media marketing follow Facebook online courses (Facebook Blueprint). Here you can learn all prospects about Facebook paid ads.

First, learn how to do social media promotion on Facebook. Then you can effortlessly improve your skills on Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter marketing.

Learn Email Marketing

5. Also Need to Learn Email Marketing

Email marketing is not over yet. It’s still an effective way to convert users into customers and extant customers into recurring customers.

To create a good email marketing campaign, you first need to know who your customers might be. For this, you can set a specific goal. And make sure your emails don’t go to the spam folder.

You can think of email marketing as the last part of the digital marketing module. To start email campaigns first you need to choose the tool and then learn how to use it.

Learn Internet Marketing Analytics Tools

6. Practice on Internet Marketing Analytics Tools

Every internet marketing professional should develop his analytical skills.

Keep in mind that the role of an online marketing specialist is not to only learn how to run an SEO or social media promotion. Because this is the job of an SEO expert or social media marketer.

The important thing is that learn how can organize the whole process. So that you and they can achieve the same target.

To be able to do this you need to learn how to use various data analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Data reporting tools like Google Data Studio and digital marketing tools like SEMrush.

Digital Marketing Learning Tips

You now fear that learning digital marketing is not an easy task. But if you are interested, it is very easy to learn.

It takes a lot of practical practice to know how each component works individually and how you can apply them for maximum results.

The helpful news is that you can use online courses to learn internet marketing at home. All you need is a wish to learn and a lot of patience.

Ramen Das

I am a Digital Marketing Teacher and SEO Consultant. Contact me for any queries about Digital Marketing and SEO.

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